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HQWebinar Premium (Personal)

The term webinar is mostly associated with web-based production. A webinar is a form of digital presentation. It may also be a lecture, a seminar or even a workshop. Specifically, a webinar entails all these activities lecture or presentation being done via the online platform. For either the presentation, seminar or lecture to be regarded as webinar there must be online transmission. These types of presentation are carried out using a software for video conferencing.

This media involves communication that is real time via the online platform. Webinar platform offers a great opportunity to receive or communicate information immediately. It has an advantage of passing information from anywhere in the world. The webinar normally facilitates connection of more than 2 users. For this reason, lectures can actually be held on the online platform. Apart from live communication features, webinars have a number of other great features. The software facilitates sharing of applications.
There are quite a number of other great features that webinars also have apart from video calls. There is also the ability to share videos but depends on webinar make. For business persons, webinars also come in handy. There are business webinars specifically generated for the purpose of business. The business webinars mostly use platforms  like email as a marketing tool and CRM.

There are also webinars that offer a live capture feature. This feature is an amazing ability to be able to save the presentation. With all these abilities in mind, this could be a way to earn. You can earn by facilitating lecturing  services via the webinar. You can also hold meeting or share documents online. For this to be possible you will need to have your own webinar. In terms of a reliable webinar platform HQ webinar offers the best services. The following is a HQ webinar review. This review will be focusing on the HQ webinar premium(personal). Just as the name premium suggest this offer has the best features in terms of webinar services.

The HQ webinar platform operates with a unique but familiar type of technology. The technology in use is just the same as used in platforms like slack, skype, and crypto. This amazing technology is set to provide the best webinar experience. With this webinar, you have the access to live pages that are intuitive. You  also have the exclusive ability to replay the pages. HQ webinar premium has developed overtime and generated features to fit success of online business users. Most types of business, as well as education facilitators, have embraced webinars. This is not only because of an online platform but also a timely feedback.Incase you also need a real post with a live image, HQ webinar premium is one to check.

The HQ webinar premium is unique and offers a number of amazing features. The following is the HQ webinar premium review;

Multiple coordinators

One of the most challenging factors is having a number of coordinators live at the same time. This is mostly while using webinar platform. The ability to be online at the same time also proves to be a challenging factor. Apart from being online instantly the ability to control other resources maybe a challenge. With the HQ webinar premium, the platform supports up to 15 coordinators. Not only does it support 15 coordinators but also all functions. The HQ premium offers an opportunity to have full control of webcam, mic and other resources.

Multimedia upload support

A number of webinar service providers only have the download feature. HQ webinar premium platform has gone an extra mile to offer an opportunity to upload content. Incase of education and also lectures you may upload as many study material from other external sites as you wish. You also have the ability to add videos of your choice from other websites.

Timely attendees reminder

The main purpose of a webinar is to ensure communication is passed. Whether itis in terms of business, lectures or seminar performance the most important factor is timely communication. The HQ webinar Premium has a reminder ability. This type of feature ensures that your attendees are updated on the scheduled meetings. This is done by sending reminder emails before time. The first email is sent 24 hours before scheduled time. The second 1 hour before time and third email is sent 15 minutes before the start of the session.

Instant streaming

This other unique feature is set to manage delay time problems in terms of response and feedback. Feedbacks are important. Feedbacks really help business owners make better future decisions for better performance. This feature also facilitates engagement of clients with the webinar sites. The instant live stream facilitates immediate feedback and response.

High definition

HQ webinar platform value quality. For this reason, it only offers high definition video resources. Apart from a high definition viewing mode, the sharing capability is also in high definition. With HQ premium you share system screen and webcams in HD mode.

Share option

The other ability that is important to many people is the sharing ability. With the HQ webinar premium platform, you can share instantly to 3 different resources. This is without interruption of any kind. You can also customize your sharing feature to specific actors as well as the entire video.

Chat ability

With this ability, you can chat online and send and receive messages instantly. You can chat with your webinar attendees. With this feature, you can answer questions and get feedback instantly.

Waiting lounge

The other challenge that clients or attendees may face is boredom while waiting for the session to start. With HQ webinar premium attendees and clients have a setup platform for them to browse on information as they wait. This ensures attendees get useful information as they wait for sessions.

Recorded events

All events that happen via the HQ webinar premium are recorded. This is done in HD mode. This enables that attendees have the chance to review the session at a later time.

Detailed statistics

This webinar platform offers the exclusive feature to show statistics while the session is still ongoing. This is in terms of reflecting the absentees, attendees, dropouts, and completions.

Serverless BDN

This is the most unique feature that ensures your webinar performance is limitless. For better speed and performance this webinar offers a none dependant webinar. The HQ webinar premium does not depend on any server. This means you will not at any time experience low performance.
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